Install Tallend Open Studio (Ubuntu 64 Bit)

1. Install Java

Install JRE – Java Runtime Environment

$ sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jre

Install JDE – Java Development Kit

$ sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk

[Setup Java Environment]

$echo $JAVA_HOME

$echo $JRE_HOME

2. Download and Install XULRunner 1.9.2

cd /usr/local/lib
sudo tar jxf /the file direcotry/xulrunner-1.9.2.en-US.linux-i686.tar.bz2

3. Open TalendOpenStudio-linux-gtk-x86_64.ini and add the last line as below:


4.script to launch Talend Open Studio

/TOS installation directory/TalendOpenStudio-linux-gtk-x86_64

$ ./

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